Creative multi-platform solutions, IRL and URL


Not everyone can turn online buzz into real-world results, and vice versa. #ohyesannadean can.

Sitting squarely at the intersection of traditional and online media, Anna Dean takes a creative approach to communications, media strategy, and brand activation.

Anna Dean makes the right noise with the right people, and acts with agency; she’s fast, flexible, unflappable. Is there anything she can’t do? #ohnoannadean

She’s in the business of making corporate cool, with a proven track record of parties and publicity stunts that get talked about years later. 


Anna Dean Testimonial Poem:

                                   "a shining star of savvy know-how and can-do..."

                                    "a freaking PR genius, excellent at gathering a crowd"

                                    "has a spectacular array of headdresses"
                                    "eats six impossible things for breakfast"
                                    "knows how to add value, and how to bring the party"
                                    "totally saved our arses"

                                    "for President. Anna Dean for anything..."