Communications consultation, strategy and implementation; workshops and professional development; brand strategy and activation.

“Anna went above and beyond the call of duty to wrangle difficult people, manage timelines and deliverables, coordinate a very distributed team and make it all happen. She totally saved our arses.”

~ Brenda Leeuwenberg

“Anna Dean is a shining star of savvy know-how and can-do. … She took our event to the next level with her copywriting skills, promotional string-pulling and network of contacts.”

~ Anna Mathieson, Kaibosh Food Rescue

 “At WaveAdept, we were not in the business of reinforcing the traditional view of enterprise computing as boring. When we had a pivotal event in the company’s history, we turned to Anna and her known skills to ensure we proudly stayed who we are. Anna professionally arranged the invites, run sheet, personnel, evening’s focus, whilst ensuring it tied together on the night with her bubbly and engaging personality. ‘Why don’t we have events like that anymore, Mike?’ an attendee who became a client asked of me just the other week, and that’s exactly the outcome we hoped for.”

~ Mike Riversdale, co-founder, WaveAdept